• Raney Aboud

Binding Oklahoma's Cannabis Community

Oklahomans are days away from October 26th. This day represents the day medical cannabis will be legally available for sale in Oklahoma. With this date rapidly approaching, Oklahoma is seeing an industry hard at work to prepare itself. However, cannabis businesses are not the only ones showing efforts. The Oklahoma State Department of Health met last week to discuss the testing regulations of cannabis. As well as, cities all over the state are working out the details regarding zoning ordinances for their own legislation. With all of the obstacles the state currently faces, October 26th forces all parties involved into uncharted territory. The city and state will find their solutions regardless of setbacks, it is the inexperienced business owner that may fall prey to the state’s frenzy.

Recently, resident Jason Hodge, filed a lawsuit against the city of Yukon for a recent change in zoning ordinance. Medical marijuana businesses (MMB) will be prohibited within 1000 feet of churches, parks, libraries, museums, playgrounds, daycares, public pools, corrections facilities, juvenile centers, halfway houses, residential neighborhoods, and any other dispensary. This new law incredibly limits the freedom of patients and MMB owners. In an interview with KFOR, Mr. Hodge went on to say “I’m living in fear that the police will kick down my door because of something the state, people of the state of Oklahoma say we should do.” The lawsuit is underway and Hodge is set on lowering the prohibition distance to 300 feet.

This is not just an isolated issue for Yukon. Tulsa, Broken Arrow, Sulphur, and Weatherford all face lawsuits pertaining to zoning laws. Beyond those cities, the state has their on-going task of conjuring up testing regulations. Senator McCortney went on to say post-meeting, cannabis sold in the state “may very well be poisonous”. This statement raises concerns for patients and business owners across the state. How will patients know if their cannabis is safe? How can cultivators guarantee safe product? Will cities find a loophole to restrict medical marijuana? And possibly the biggest question for citizens-- “how can I get involved?”

The easiest answer is Pharmacology University. The program is primarily for education, but what comes secondary is the cultivation of a community and trailblazing of an industry. By attending Pharmacology University’s courses, students will encounter other like-minded individuals and many of the industry’s leading influencers, whether they are presenting or enrolled. From there, the cultivation process will begin. The citizens will meet their providers, growers and lawyers will meet their clients, doctors will meet their patients, and business owners will meet their market.

For any inquiries regarding Pharmacology University’s courses, you may head to pharmacologyuniversityoknorth.com or call directly at (405)886-6352, or email to ok.pharmacologyuniversity@gmail.com.

Raney Aboud

Pharmacology University

VP Consulting


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