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Board of Health//Peak Dispensary

On October 10th, 2018, the Board of Health met to discuss the future plans of cannabis testing. It’s looking like, May of 2019 is when Oklahomans can look to receive proper legislation on cannabis testing within the state. To paraphrase Senator McCortney’s words, he explained that until proper testing is put in place that Oklahoman cannabis could “very easily contain contaminants”. As soon as I heard this particular statement, I couldn’t help but think that this statement was somewhat fear mongering. I do not believe that the goal of any grower is to provide a product that would be harmful. However, McCortney is not completely wrong. I had to remember that this is, in fact, Oklahoma’s first crop. This endeavor will be a lot of people’s first time growing.

Corbin Wyatt, of Peak Dispensaries, says testing is very important to the industry. The reason for its importance lies not only in safety, but in quality. So, what can Oklahomans do to guarantee a safe product for the first crop to come out of Oklahoma? Mr. Wyatt simply stated that they are looking towards Colorado and California’s testing regulations to promise that their cannabis is grown with the highest quality in mind. So, I think it would be wise for any patients excited about purchasing cannabis, on October 26th, to do some research before this date. I recommend speaking with your local dispensary and discuss the precautions they took with their product before sale.

Currently, Peak Dispensary, has 8 different locations and plan on offering some of Oklahoma’s highest quality cannabis. One of the best perks about acquiring product with Peak, is that they are developing software to be used as an app on smartphones. This app is designed to provide a database of strain information that will help patients pick out the best product for them based on their specific medical needs. Peak Dispensary is just one example out of the 600+ dispensaries Oklahoma can look forward to. Oklahomans should be excited with what is happening in their state. I believe we are on the edge of encountering a cultural and economic boom within the state.

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